Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam

Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam

Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam

Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam

Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam


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Le Doan Nam - "Steel" Entrepreneur with aspiration for a mighty Vietnam

Vietnam is going through extremely difficult years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in such situation, businessman Le Doan Nam's temperament and tradition of "Mind - Talent - Astute - Intelligence - Trustworthy" always come through, and he has made several significant contributions to the development of the firm, the country, and the community.

Entrepreneur Le Doan Nam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTP - Steel Joint Stock Company.

DTP - Steel Joint Stock Company is growing in an environment when the global economy is undergoing a severe crisis. However, the company's board of directors has closely followed the approved production and business plan, directed units to focus on production and business in order to ensure quality, maintain market share, promote employee support, attract talent, and promote creativity and technology application in production and business in order to quickly adapt to international integration in the new normal economic conditions.

In April 2021, DTP - Steel was granted the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate for the field of manufacturing, trading and manufacturing bridge girders and pre-engineered steel building frames, iron and steel production and supply systems; design consultancy, legal documents on construction and project construction, especially in the field of steel structures for factories, factories, steel structures for high-rise buildings. The average factory capacity is 500 tons of steel/month.

DTP – Steel is certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

DTP – Steel has evolved magnificent steps. This is demonstrated by significant economic contracts with partners, investors, and international corporations such as SEOGWANG Co., Ltd. Factory, Kumho Vietnam Co., Ltd. Factory, and Co., Ltd. Factory. Sechang, Hyosung Company Manufacturing Plant, Nhon Trach Industrial Park Manufacturing Plant, and Kumho My Phuoc 3 Tire Manufacturing Plant.

The motto of DTP - Steel is "Customer satisfaction is the sustainable development of the business". According to businessman Le Doan Nam, the process of customer satisfaction does not stop there but also in customer care services to achieve the highest satisfaction of consumers. Because today's customers desire not just high-quality products at a reasonable price, but also superior after-sales support, warranty, and professionalism.

Recognizing the critical nature of customer service, he developed DTP - Steel's customer care process with the purpose of delivering "Value of Quality" at all phases. "The happiness of partners, customers, and the community is the highest reward for DTP - Steel's continued development," Mr. Nam explained.

With the Vietnamese people's Mind - Talent - Astute - Intelligence - Trustworthy, as well as the backing of enterprises from agencies and departments, DTP - Steel leaders and a team of skilled, devoted, and strong employees Professional, skilled, and constantly researching the industry's specifics in order to come up with effective solutions and to implement them more closely during the project's implementation process in accordance with the uses, assisting the investor in saving the maximum amount of materials while also satisfying the needs of use.

Along with business development, DTP - Steel will focus on developing technology applications and human resources in order to improve product and service quality, as well as being prepared to accelerate growth in order to keep up with the 'new normal' market economy and stringent quality requirements in integration.

Not afraid of obstacles, not afraid of hardships, and adept at transforming obstacles into opportunities, businessman Le Doan Nam is cultivating a wealth of tangible and meaningful values for his employees and for society... DTP - Steel is steadily progressing, contributing to the development of a strong Vietnam.

Several of the business's projects include the following:

Công trình dự án Nhà máy Công ty TNHH SEOGWANG.

Nhà máy Công ty TNHH Kumho Việt Nam.

Nhà máy Công ty TNHH Daeree Nhà máy  Công ty TNHH Sechang.

Nhà máy Công ty Hyosung.

Nhà máy KCN Nhơn Trạch.

Nhà máy Công ty TNHH Sechang.

Nhà máy Lốp xe Kumho Mỹ Phước.

Nhà máy Lốp xe Kumho Mỹ Phước 3.

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